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Crusher Run & Coarse Sand Supplier Malaysia

At One Innovative Builder, we supply important materials that form the foundations of important landmarks. We supply coarse sand and also aggregate 3/4 in Malaysia. Coarse sand is typically used in many construction work such as concrete, backfill, pavements and more. Aggregate 3/4 is more costly, higher quality and most typically used for foundational work. Our materials are available in various tonnage with special prices for bulk orders. 


Other than that, we also distribute crusher runs which are a blended mix of coarse aggregates and fine aggregates. Crusher runs are normally used underneath concrete slabs, driveways, residential pavements, railway developments and more. It has a solid compaction and has great stability in soft or wet conditions, making it perfect for paving. If you’re interested to learn more about our products, then contact us right now today.

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Membekal dan mengangkut pasir kasar / pasir halus

BATU 3/4

Membekal dan mengangkut batu 3/4

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